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Reading the Romania Press Reviews in English is part of my morning rituals. They keep me informed and I don’t have to spend a lot of time to know what’s going on in business and society in Romania. I also speak and understand Romanian but I find it a lot easier to read these summaries, including the weekly ones, then to browse through the entire Romanian media every morning. I am happy this professional team does it for me!
Grégoire Vigroux, Vice-President Marketing, Board Member, TELUS International Europe
Reading the Romania Press Review is already part of my daily routine. Each morning I open the e-mail and its attachment with curiosity and interest. Reading it keeps me updated on the most important events and topics in Romanian business, politics and others. It´s both comprehensive, so I don´t miss anything important, and well summarized, so the amount of time invested in reading it is just right.
David Gedlička, CEO, Porsche Finance Group Romania
Keeping abreast of leading news, political and business developments in Romania is critical for understanding any potential implications on our industry and business. Romania Press Review is an excellent source of information for our management team as it offers concise and relevant news which makes it a mandatory reading first thing each morning!
George Toulantas, CFO, Heineken Romania
As the General Manager of Microsoft Romania, I received the Romania Press Review for 2 years. We can attest to the quality of the work done and the consistency of delivery. In a fragmented press market, like Romania with even conflicting information, this press review supported us in keeping the pulse of political and economic developments while separating quality information.
Kostas Loukas, Public Sector Lead, Central & Eastern Europe, Microsoft
We have worked for a while now with the City Compass Team and not only have they proved to be a friend and partner of our company, but rapidly became a strong supporter of the entire expat community in Romania. I appreciate a lot their daily efforts, when I read my Romania Insider brief press review which keeps me well informed without spending too much time on it, their amazing networking capabilities and their capacity of organizing extremely relevant events. I can only speak for my company, but we did have a lot to gain from working together with City Compass and we plan to continue with this further
Gratiela Lascu, director , AGS Worldwide Movers - Bucharest
The Romania Press Review helps us on a daily basis to get an overview of the Romanian market in general. In addition, we can screen different industries, identify new players and get an overview of politics and what moves society. For our clients – mainly foreign corporations entering the Romanian market – this product seems to help their top management enormously.
Alpar Major, VP Sales & Co-founder, Smartdreamers
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