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We are part of City Compass Media, the leader on the English – language media niche in Romania. The team that creates the press reviews also powers Romania-Insider.com, the most read English – language news & features website in Romania.

Meet The Team

Meet our team of senior business journalists and commercial specialists

Corina Chirileasa

Corina holds a BA in Journalism and has been a business journalist in Romania since 2005. She became an entrepreneur in 2010, when she founded Romania-Insider.com. Currently based in Bucharest, Corina is also Managing Partner of City Compass Media, part of the City Compass Group.

Andrei Chirileasa

Andrei studied finance at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and worked for almost ten years for Ziarul Financiar, the main financial newspaper in Romania, where he was editor of the capital markets section. He joined the Romania-Insider.com team in May 2014 as editor and partner. He currently coordinates the press review project, and is Editor-in-Chief of Romania-Insider.com.

Volker Moser

Volker holds a MA in Public Policy and Management from Konstanz University. He has been living in Romania since 2007 and has co-founded City Compass, an expat services company. He became a partner in Romania-Insider.com in 2010, and four years later, created City Compass Group, with media, tours & events and intercultural consulting as main divisions. He is keen on exploring regional food and opportunities regarding regional development, both in Romania and on an international level. Media trends, marketing and business development opportunities have become more than a pleasant hobby for him lately.

Ruxandra Stan

Ruxandra has a Bachelor degree in international relations and European studies and a Master in minorities’ rights and women studies. She likes to read, watch TV series and be up to date with what happens globally regarding human rights violations. She oversees administrative activities, subscriptions and payments, as well as any issues related to this webshop.


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